What is RPA/Digital Labor?

The following movie further explains RPA/Digital Labor.

The following movie further explains RPA/Digital Labor.

Digital Labor enables the automation of repetitive white collar work. Effective use of Digital Labor dramatically improves productivity and allows employees to use their time more efficiently by focusing on higher level tasks.

What is Digital Labor?

Have you heard of "Digital Labor"?

Digital labor is software which can automate tasks that we thought only humans could perform.
The core technology behind it is called Robotic Process Automation, known as RPA.

Consider the task of checking employees' expense reimbursement documentation.
Accounting staff spend several minutes reviewing each expense report, comparing spreadsheets with receipts and fare calculator app.

But digital labor can perform the same task in a matter of seconds.
Software robots can record and learn tasks and perform them with speed and accuracy.
They can handle almost any task performed by humans on a computer.

Digital labor does not sleep, tire, rest, forget, make mistake, complain, or quit.
They're your best partners and they're already at work all over the world.

Today, digital labor is drawing interest from many Japanese organizations.
Japanese businesses face a shrinking working population and strict overtime regulations.
For a company to keep growing, each employee must perform higher level work and add more value than ever before.
This is where digital labor steps in.

We are entering an age where roughly half of the jobs in the world are automated or mechanized by computers and artificial intelligence.
Let digital labor do the routine work.
And let human workers do tasks only human could perform.

Are you ready for digital transformation?

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