Our insurance practice comprise multi-disciplinary teams, led by professionals with extensive experience.

Our insurance practice comprise multi-disciplinary teams

Insurance, traditionally a heavily regulated sector, now faces new challenges as it adapts to changes in the business environment wrought by the financial crisis. The insurance industry in Japan is going through a process of reorganization and consolidation in response to the reality of market contraction and economic instability. At the same time, the industry faces pressure to expand overseas and develop international operations through M&A, in order to reinvigorate its business and strengthen management practices. Many companies are therefore grappling with critical issues relating to the design of effective management and support systems for integrating differing corporate cultures and achieving long-term growth.

KPMG in Japan understands both the common features and specific conditions that its clients in the insurance sector face. From the development of new products and sales channels to business process and system reengineering, our insurance specialists combine their industry expertise with a thorough, practical approach to help ensure our clients retain their competitive advantage.

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