KPMG's Global Energy network works with major organizations in a variety of energy related industries to respond to business issues and trends.

KPMG's Global Energy network works with organizations in various energy related industries

From the problems of meeting soaring demand in fast-growing emerging markets to efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, the challenges posed by energy-related issues continue to be a topic of much discussion around the world. Furthermore, while new innovations such as so-called ‘smart grids’ are gradually starting to have an effect, legacy problems such as the continuing fallout of the March 2011 disasters have accelerated Japan’s efforts to explore more sustainable energy sources as it seeks to meet its energy requirements.

KPMG member firms applies their knowledge of conditions in specific countries and regions alongside a deep understanding of the issues that companies face in the growing global energy market to provide a range of practical consulting solutions. These include developing strategies for M&A, post-merger integration (PMI) and sustainable, effective business approaches, as well as providing support with business performance optimization and the implementation of large projects (PMO).


KPMG Global Energy Institute

The KPMG Global Energy Institute allows global industry experts to share knowledge, insights, collaborate and participate in timely and relevant issues facing the market.

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