Takeyoshi Suzuki


KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.

Takeyoshi Suzuki worked for a foreign computer manufacturer and total consulting firm before joining KPMG Consulting in 2015. He participates in numerous IT adoption and DX promotion projects that support business strategies in various industries including finance, government agencies, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, and energy. He also engages in advisory projects such as company/organization-wide system architecture, design of roles and functions of IT/DX organizations, as well as implementation, dissemination, establishment, and assessment of IT reforms and DX initiatives. In recent years, he has been providing support for regulatory compliance and GX-related organizational/operational/system reforms mainly in the energy industry as the leader of the industry-based IT adoption and DX promotion support group at Sector Technology Transformation Unit.

Responsible domain: Development of business models; support for formulation and implementation of IT/digital introduction strategies; improvement of organizational function and operational reform at IT/digital organizations; and support for IT/digital talent recruitment and training and system development in various industries including energy, social infrastructure, trading, telecommunications, media, high technology, and retail distribution

  • Advisory
  • Management Consulting