Takato Satsuma


KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.

After being involved in the design and construction of large-scale systems and networks such as internet data center infrastructure as a UNIX / Linux engineer, he has been consistently engaged in advisory work related to information security and cybersecurity at security specialist companies and audit corporation consulting companies. In recent years, he has supported a large number of CSIRT operations, incident response, forensics, cyber exercises / training, etc., mainly in government agencies and financial institutions. He supports a variety of advisory services related to cybersecurity, both in terms of management and technology. Participated in KPMG Consulting in 2018. He leads cyber technology services such as TLPT (Threat Based Penetration Testing), SOC / CSIRT sophistication, cloud security and IoT security.

Responsible domain: Overall cybersecurity technology domain (TLPT (Threat Based Penetration Testing), SOC/CSIRT sophistication, cloud security, IoT security, incident response, forensics)

  • Advisory
  • Risk Consulting