Makoto Sado

Head of Business Innovation and Value Transformation, Partner

KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.

After joining a Japanese company in 1996, he joined a foreign-affiliated strategic consulting company in 1999. He is mainly involved in business strategy, new business concept, sales and marketing reform focusing on the manufacturing industry. After joining KPMG Consulting in 2014, he has continued to lead a number of projects from strategy formulation to operational transformation of various companies as a strategic group partner. In recent years, he has also been involved in new business concepts involving digital technology and business advisories that solve social issues. As the managing director of the digital innovation partner business with Shonan Bellmare, he also leads the consulting service of various regional reforms with the theme of digital x sports.

Responsible domain: Formulation of various strategies such as growth strategies, business strategies, and new business strategies; formulation of various corporate transformation concepts and innovation strategies based on digital x social problem solving; promotion of digital concept and transformation in the sports business

  • Advisory
  • Management Consulting
  • “A Problem Solving Approach Starting with a Goal Hypothesis", Subaru Sha (2018)