Takuji Kanai

Deputy Managing Partner/Head of Audit & Assurance, KPMG Japan & Asia Pacific


Takuji Kanai is an assurance partner at the KPMG AZSA LLC (formerly “Asahi & Co.”) Tokyo office. He joined the firm in 1981. He was seconded to the New York office from 1986 to 1990. Takuji Kanai obtained MBA from Stanford University in the US in 1992. He was promoted to partner in 1996. Until March 2011, Takuji Kanai served as the Chairman of the Senior Review Board of KPMG AZSA LLC and was responsible for monitoring the firm’s quality control. He is currently the Head of Audit & Assurance, KPMG Asia Pacific, in addition to his roles as Deputy Managing Partner and Head of Audit at KPMG Japan. Takuji Kanai has been the lead partner on large multinational clients, including NTT, Honda, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and 7&I Holdings.

  • Audit
  • Audit Quality
  • Risk Management