Yoshihide Fuchu


KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.

After working for a foreign consulting firm, Yoshihide Fuchu joined KPMG and assumed his current position in the accounting and finance domain. He is actively engaged in business reform, system implementation, shared services, and BPO projects in the accounting and business administration areas, mainly in the service sector industries such as food, consumer goods, distribution, and publishing. He also has extensive experience in back-office transformation, having led comprehensive transformation projects to improve productivity and add value to administrative back-office operations other than accounting and finance. He has been invited to speak at numerous seminars and lectures on digital transformation in accounting and finance and the allocation of accounting personnel and functions in the digital age.

Responsible Domain: business reform, system implementation, shared services, BPO conversion, and other projects in the area of accounting and finance.

  • Advisory
  • Food, Drink and Consumer Goods
  • Management Consulting
  • Transport and Logistics