Transparency Report 2023/24 explains matters required by Articles 95 and 96 of the CPA Act Enforcement Regulations, as well as explains our quality control system in performing audit, based on the framework, and the system of quality control for each of the key drivers and KPMG network arrangements.

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1. Message from the CEO
2. Living our culture and Values
3. Applying expertise and knowledge
4. Embracing digital technology
5. Nurturing diverse skilled teams
6. Associating with the right clients and engagements
7. Being independent and ethical
8. Performing quality engagements

9. Assessing risks to quality
10. Communicating effectively
11. Monitoring and remediation
12. Financial Information
13. Partner remuneration
14. Network arrangements
15. Statement by the Board of KPMG AZSA on the effectiveness of quality controls and independence