The digitalization of business processes has become widespread, and AI now intervenes and assists even in human decision-making. Such promotion of digitalization has made it possible to solve social and corporate problems using mathematical methods. While the rise of digitalization has created new business opportunities, these also come with increased complexity and associated risks.

Digitalization is a general term for approaches that utilize information processing technology. Information is data, and processing is none other than algorithms. We are more aware of the use of appropriate and superior data and algorithms than ever before, and recognize that we have entered an era in which companies that can generate valuable insights on their own through data thinking and the use of algorithms will survive.

Advisory is a professional practice that effectively supports the success of clients’ businesses through the provision of valuable suggestions, advice, and assistance. KPMG has been growing as a professional firm that provides a range of advisory services around the world. We have long supported clients in solving management issues and increasing corporate value by providing insights based on facts derived from diverse research and analysis of vast amounts of information conducted by experts in various fields.

KPMG Advisory Lighthouse, Inc. was established as a digital R&D center that provides advanced services to KPMG Japan entities engaged in advisory services by bringing together the latest technologies and know-how based on the three pillars of data strategy, advanced analytics strategy, and intelligence strategy.

We assign talent who provide know-how and insights relating to cutting-edge specialized data repositories and world-class data analytics, and are continually working on the further development of such talent. By combining our talent with KPMG’s insights in our various areas of expertise, we provide all KPMG services and experts with the impetus to carve out a new era.

As a “lighthouse” provided by a professional firm, our mission is to use insights derived from data, analysis, and intelligence to show the way forward for companies and society.

Masahiko Chino, Tomoyuki Hotta, and Shintaro Nakabayashi
Representative Directors