Capital Adequacy for banks is calculated and Regulatory Reporting is made according to regulators’ rules and methodologies, defining for each bank a minimum regulatory capital requirement and reporting.

We provide assistance to comply with regulatory reporting requirements laid down by the supervisory authorities with a tailor made approach integrating into and optimizing existing processes.

Our Services

  • Review and improvements to internal capital adequacy assessment processes (ICAAP)
  • Review of the process of RWA and capital requirements calculation
  • Investigation of possible RWA optimization initiatives, leading to the capital requirements savings
  • Review of management policies (and their RWA impact) regarding different types of risks
  • Enhancement of risk and performance measurement (e.g. regulatory capital, economic capital, risk adjusted performance incl. solutions based on RAROC)
  • Integration of risk and return into the capital planning cycle
  • Contingency planning and advising on capital actions
  • Verification of capital requirements calculation and disclosures in terms of capital adequacy.

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