Phase 5: Report & assure

Phase 5: Report & assure

Reporting on environmental and social performance is now standard practice in business wherever in the world you may operate. The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013 found that almost three quarters of the top companies across 41 countries now issue corporate responsibility/sustainability reports. That figure rises to 93 percent among the world’s largest 250 companies.

Stakeholders, from investors to NGOs, want to know that a company has identified its most significant environmental and social risks and impacts, and is addressing them effectively. They also need to know that the information provided by a company is accurate, credible and can be trusted.

Momentum is also building towards integrated reporting, which provides a holistic overview of an organization’s financial and non-financial performance.

KPMG professionals can help your organization to:

  • understand what environmental and social information you should report
  • choose the right reporting approach and frameworks for your business
  • integrate financial and non-financial information in your reporting
  • report information for specific purposes such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and sustainability indices
  • benchmark the quality of your reporting against industry peers
  • assure your internal and external reporting systems
  • provide independent assurance of your sustainability performance reporting
  • verify the sustainability performance of your suppliers


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