Phase 2: Plan

Phase 2: Plan

The analysis in Phase 1 provides an organization with clear understanding of its most significant risks, opportunities and material issues. The next phase is to develop the plan of action to address these. Goals and milestones must be fully integrated with the broader business strategy.

KPMG professionals can help your organization to:

  • develop your business strategy to address your key environmental and social risks, opportunities and material issues
  • build the business case for investment and identify tax breaks and other incentives that can improve returns
  • secure consensus, support and engagement from internal and external stakeholders
  • establish relevant and robust targets and key performance indicators by which to measure progress
  • identify and develop new policies, such as diversity and equality policies and supplier codes of conduct
  • analyze your value chain to help you reduce the environmental and social impacts of both your suppliers and your products and services
  • develop issue-specific strategies in areas such as energy efficiency and carbon reduction, water efficiency, waste reduction and biodiversity conservation
  • assess the organization’s capacity to deliver on the actions needed to build a sustainable business model, and identify capacity building initiatives.

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