A risk-based approach

A risk-based approach

Addressing the risks associated with third-party intermediaries

KPMG International’s member firms help global companies address the risks associated with third-party intermediaries by:

  • Assisting in identifying the universe of third-party relationships and bifurcating that universe based on risk to identify those that would be in scope for further evaluation and assessment
  • Advising on the implementation and enhancement of third party risk management processes and protocols for in scope TPIs (new and existing) to determine and focus on those relationships where further integrity due diligence may be required
  • Performing appropriate and risk-based integrity due diligence to obtain critical information for evaluating and managing business risk related to third parties
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of certain TPIs based on certain criteria

We provide insights to identify the appropriate level of integrity due diligence required for TPIs based on such factors as jurisdictional risk, nature of the industry and service provided, and the importance of the relationship. Our professionals can craft approaches to create cost efficient, timely, and responsive reporting.

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