Post-Acquisition Disputes

Post-Acquisition Disputes

When disputes arise, it is important to gather the relevant facts, isolate and understand the key business and financial issues so as to identify the economic implications as soon as possible. Cross-border disputes can involve complex economic, financial and technical issues as well as multiple languages, client locations and applicable laws and standards. This is where KPMG’s Dispute Advisory Services teams can help.

This new brochure highlights KPMG Forensic’s Post-Acquisition Disputes capabilities. KPMG’s Dispute Advisory Services teams serve as privileged consultants, expert witnesses, arbitrators and neutral/independent accountant experts who also support parties in negotiations and mediations.

KPMG’s Dispute Advisory Services teams assist litigants and their legal counsel with potentially costly and disruptive disputes and litigation worldwide. KPMG member firms deliver a wide range of Dispute Advisory Services including:

  • Forensic accounting investigations
  • Early case assessment
  • Document and electronic record disclosure
  • Data analysis
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Valuations
  • Economic analysis
  • Accounting and auditing expertise
  • Damages assessment
  • Assistance with negotiation strategy
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Independent expert determination

Download Post-Acquisition Disputes (PDF 760 KB) 

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