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Storytelling is the process of using fact and narrative to communicate the value of your product or service to your consumers and deliver an experience. Communicating in the form of stories helps to connect to the wide audience emotionally and make a long-lasting brand impression.


  • Being a strong business skill, it can boost the business by creating a strong marketing strategy and improving customer loyalty
  • Businesses requires new and innovative ways to communicate their values and create an impression to stand out in a competitive market
  • There is a need for effective communication which brings out the value of products and services
  • Stories connect to audiences emotionally.

KPMG in India’s storytelling service:

We believe that everything has a story behind it, but the challenge is how to tell it effectively.

Our service helps ensure businesses keep experimenting and growing by strategically understanding user needs and telling stories in context, so your customers and stakeholders understand why your service or product is worth buying/investing in.

We, at KPMG in India, offer you a workshop on storytelling, which covers following modules:

  • Introduction to storytelling and its importance
  • Understanding stories and its structure
  • Various tools to create stories
  • Various mediums of story telling
  • Business case and storytelling.

Potential benefits

  • Allows brand to stand out from the competition
  • Delights customers with experiences that are built on their needs
  • Forms a powerful marketing strategy
  • Emotionally connects people and gains their loyalty

Our expertise

  • Various projects supported
  • Projects conducted across multiples industry sectors

Course details


  • One, classroom-based training
  • Home study — approximately one to two hours

Types of batches offered

  • Corporate
  • Public


Bengaluru  Mumbai
Pune  Chennai
Hyderabad  Kolkata
Delhi and NCR (Gurugram, Noida). 
  • Training can be conducted at any location across the country provided a minimum number of participants are present
  • Global locations on a need basis.


The progress of each individual is monitored by our instructors through multiple components such as case studies, quizzes and class participation.

Certificate of participation to be provided in the workshop post completion of the programme.

For retail, corporate and institution enquiries, contact:

Iatsham Jamadar
+91 9611752115

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