Desired business goals in the world of technological disruption

In today's world of deregulation and increased complexity of processes, enterprises depend on technology solutions to streamline and automate business processes, for insights on customer behaviour and help in making strategic decisions. Considering their evolution styles, systems and processes have traditionally been independent and consequently been unable to give senior executives an overall picture of an enterprise’s performance as per established KPI measures. Today, successful systems integrations are seen more as business projects and less as an “IT only” conversation. An innovative approach to systems integration provides a phenomenal opportunity to drive performance and increase customer focus by breaking down traditional silos present in an enterprise. Also, this helps organisations realise potential process and control efficiencies, cost reductions and effective risk and compliance management.

What differentiates KPMG in India

We use data driven insights and our body of experience to deliver informed perspectives and clear solutions that our clients and stakeholders value in the area of enterprise systems – both across on-premise and cloud constructs. The cornerstone of our service strategy, which highlights the compelling difference we persevere to uphold, is best described as being multidisciplinary yet integrated. Our differentiation is derived from performance-based, industry-tailored and technology-enabled business advisory services delivered by some of the leading professionals in cloud, data architecture, automation in finance, supply chain, procurement and HR, with strong data-visualisation insights. A strong methodology and understanding of clients’ business helps our team to deploy complex and integrated solutions with optimal change-management intervention.

Our capabilities span major technology stacks – SAP , Oracle and Microsoft, with significant advisory and implementation capabilities in these areas. Using our teams based in India, we have rendered support to complex systems transformations across countries, over the past fifteen years.

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