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Power and utilities

Climate and energy are interlinked. Governments are transitioning the energy sector to manage the climate imperatives. Renewable energy is gaining share with an outlook to displace carbon heavy alternatives. Digital enhancements and innovation are driven by increased electrification demands from sectors such as transport, health, education etc.

We help clients navigate these fluctuations with strategy and business planning, economic consulting, transaction and financial advisory, major projects advisory, operations improvement and technology advisory services.


The mining industry is going through a steep change with a need to be flexible amidst market disruptions such as tariff fluctuations, environmentally sustainable operations, resource availability and geopolitical considerations. The sector is looking to align technology and data to ensure efficiencies in operations.

KPMG in India works with clients to address daily business challenges and produce long term strategies for growth. We help achieve cost reduction, digital deployment, environmental and social impact assessments, asset management and project risk and portfolio management.

Oil and gas

The oil and gas sector is in reboot mode with greater investments in gas pipelines, terminals, city gas infrastructure, liberalisation of the downstream sector fuel refining and marketing sector and greater emphasis on biofuels.

We assist clients establish sustainable cost management and commensurate returns, automation, regulatory and tariff advisory, strategy and business planning and large-scale project management.

Aviation and airlines

The sector is going through a paradigm shift with grounding of a major Indian airlines, concerns on operational efficiencies and the latest COVID-19 impact on customer travel behavior and greater emphasis on health and sanitation of aircrafts. The sector continues to focus on improving last mile connectivity, expanding airport capacities and setting up of new green field airports amidst these challenges. We provide financial and transaction advisory services, strategy, business plan and operational improvement consultancy services.

Roads and railways

Government is focusing on aggressive construction of roads with active involvement of various stakeholders. There is a greater impetus to invest in operations and maintenance with enhanced service provisions, maintaining sanitation standards, multi-modal integration, road safety, new asset monetisation and revenue generation. Inadequate capacity, network congestion, lack of trains, freight revenue enhancement, unbalanced revenue streams are some of the challenges of the railways sector in India. We bring together experts to support clients in strategy and policy design, organisational transformation, business process management, project risk reviews, capital project management amongst others.

Waterways and ports

Economic turbulence, disruptions in economic interconnectedness, play of geopolitics are some of the headwinds encountered by the waterways and ports sector. While global trade is changing enhanced local trade is driving clients to focus on network optimisation, congestion management, maintaining fleet readiness and sanitation standards, onboarding skilled professional, social and environmental impact assessment.

KPMG in India assist in analysis and evaluation of supply chains, strategy and business planning, ports and terminal development, project and programme management.


Logistics is a rapidly transforming sector with interlinkages between infrastructure, technology and service providers to help reduce the cost of logistics to consumers. The sector has seen a boost due to the emergence of the e-commerce players. We can assist in supply chain strategy, route planning and network optimisation, maintenance and operations of container freight stations, strategy and techno feasibility studies, real time data systems consultancy, terminal payment estimation, multi modal logistics parks, logistics plan amongst others.

Mobility and future transport

The future of mobility is undergoing a paradigm shift and driven by electric vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles, on-demand mobility services with wider transformational, social, technological and economic impacts. Amidst population growth, urbanisation and environmental impact considerations governments are focusing on the new normal of mobility. We work with clients in policy and regulatory advisory, strategy and business planning, market assessment, policy and regulatory advisory, technology and innovation amongst others.