The sector is one of the leading employers for India’s population. With emergence of e-commerce players, the sector is looking at new ways of selling, focusing on environment and ethics, system disruptions such as biotechnology, 3D printing, food preservation, embedded farming, new market niches amongst other with a larger objective of protecting farmer interests. We work across the agricultural value chain assisting in policy advisory, capacity building and institutional strengthening, strategy and business planning, public distribution systems, value chain assessment and programme management.

Urban transformation

There is an increased need for integrated, sustainable, technology enabled and inclusive development of physical, institutional, social and economic infrastructure of cities. Thus, paving the way towards attracting investments, addressing infrastructure challenges and enhancing the quality of life. We have a multi-sector team focusing on next generation cities to be developed in India. We are engaged with the Ministry of Urban Development, state governments, regional development authorities and urban local bodies. Our suite of offerings includes visioning and policy preparation, city diagnostics, city master planning, economic and financial modelling, technological innovations, programme management and governance advisory.


The sector is amidst unique time where pandemic situations have led to relooking of tourism strategies with a greater focus now not only on safe and secure travel but also healthy and sanitised environments of destination and transport infrastructure. Historically the sector has demonstrated impressive growth rates and growth forecasts. The industry avails of policy and regulatory support with focused investments in digitlisation, skill development, restoration and theme-based tourism circuits. We have worked on pioneering projects and worked in diverse areas such as tourism policies and strategic roadmaps, projects identification, project monitoring and structuring, branding, marketing and digital strategies.

Digital government

The Indian state and central governments are looking to leverage Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) as a significant enabler in their endeavors. The government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative is aimed at making India ICT-enabled. We have been providing services to various ministries and state governments to help hone the quality of governance in the country. We have also been carrying out ‘government process re-engineering’ as a part of these engagements, backed up by the usage of technology. We assist our clients in the development of an e-governance strategy, blueprints for the central, state and local governments, procurement of tools and technologies, programme management and third-party assessments of their initiatives.

Aerospace and Defence

India’s aerospace and defence sector is at an inflection point with reforms creating opportunities for the private sector, with favourable procurement policies catalysing change which promotes indigenous design, development and manufacturing. KPMG in India has worked on a wide range of projects in the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) sector with Central & State governments and private organisations. We have worked in building strategic roadmaps for development of manufacturing ecosystems, project monitoring, bid-process management, marketing and investment promotion. We bring in robust ex-military and industry experience to mitigate complexities in government projects and private organisations entry in the sector.

Justice and security

With unprecedented threats to national security, increasing crimes against women and children, disruption in day to day law and order, and technology induced threats such as cyber-attacks, fraudulent banking activities and organised crime, internal security system or the policing system is also grappling with resource constraints, heightened public accountability, need for technology disruptions, talent management, access to archaic arms to name a few . The agenda of promulgating a safe India is of paramount importance to the government. The government is focused on effective policing through e-Governance, police modernisation, emergency response, disaster preparedness, police mobility, procurement, communication networks, benefits management for police personnel to highlight a few. KPMG in India demonstrates its genuine commitment to help build safe and just societies by delivering futuristic, focussed services in areas such as monitoring and evaluation, organisational transformation, technology enablement and information security, procurement advisory and Project Management Office ( PMOs) across the domains of policing, courts, correctional services, borders and immigration, organised crime and economic/cyber fraud.