Education is one of key pillars of human capital formation. It plays a crucial role in building a skilled and job-ready workforce and acts as an important lever for leveraging the demographic dividend. Considering changing education landscape, both the public and private sector, across the spectrum (Early Childhood Care and Education to K-12 and Higher Education and Education Technology players) now have a range of new opportunities as well as face multitude of challenges. KPMG in India is well positioned to meet the changing needs of clients in both public and private sector


With a favourable demographic advantage and ageing world population, India has an opportunity to become the global supplier of skilled manpower. Therefore, it is imperative for governments to adopt a focused approach and accelerate the pace of skill development in India. The current ecosystem is still evolving and gearing itself towards creating a favorable Employment and Entrepreneurship opportunities for youth in the country. KPMG in India is well aligned to the skill development objective and works closely with all relevant stakeholders from the inception of the ecosystem.

We also help corporates, including funding agencies and private equity players, in participating in the Education and Skill development/training domain. It ranges from investment, to co-creating to a larger and deeper involvement in the sector.