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Help drive regulatory reforms

  • Assist governments with business reform implementation, government process re-engineering, assessment frameworks and policy advocacy
  • Help investors understand the rules and regulations related to FDI, regulatory approval requirements and industrial policies across states, as well as conduct policy comparison and benchmarking
  • Facilitate in creating a conducive business environment, streamlining and digitalizing government processes, reduction in timeline for investment mobilization and enhance governance and monitoring.

Establish an enabling startup ecosystem

  • Provide robust and innovative solutions to startups.
  • Develop partnerships across spectrums for policy formulation, incubation management, mentoring, fund creation and management, outreach and digital policy implementation.
  • Drive significant value through strategic guidance and sector related expertise.
  • Build start-up ecosystem bottom-up and accelerate the existing ones.

Facilitate trade opportunities

  • We bring strong focus on managing trade balance and increasing trade in new products and services.
  • Leverage our proprietary cloud-based trade facilitation tool and trade analysis tool for identifying and analyzing key economic metrics for major economies and provide specific policy recommendations and advocacy.
  • Mobilize and strengthen the national trade framework for improved compliance with global best practices
  • Utilization of FTAs, trade infrastructure strategy, export hubs to assist leaders in policy development through export-import analytics.
  • Collaborate with the Government of India to understand and analyses physical and regulatory barriers to trade.
  • Establish new trade linkages by identifying potential markets and products.

Attract and facilitate fresh investment

  • Assist various Investment Promotion Agencies (private and public) to develop robust strategies and deliver domestic as well as foreign investments while contributing towards sustainability and green FDI .
  • Facilitate amplified inflow of quality investments in non-traditional sectors and enhance market linkages, regional export potential and indigenization.
  • Assist through the entire investor lifecycle from prioritization and lead generation to marketing, outreach and image building, investor handholding and investor aftercare.
  • Leverage digital and data driven methodologies for effective outcomes
  • Develop strong collaborations with various state governments and institutions.