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Bringing in fresh investments is the key to India’s sustainable and inclusive growth. While most attention is focused on the central government, India’s state governments are also vying for investments to ensure economic development in their states. KPMG in India has been at the helm driving collaborations with multiple state governments by providing strategic guidance to facilitate and accelerate investments.

We work at the intersection of government and private sector for collaboration with various governments to explore avenues for job creation and help create an enabling business environment. We follow a transformational approach towards job creation by leveraging strategic interventions across domains for facilitating investments, promoting trade and, encouraging entrepreneurship, thereby developing a conducive ecosystem for large industries, SMEs and startups to thrive.

The Economic Development Advisory practice has successfully delivered projects that can be replicated globally and has acquired an integrated IFI approach while establishing global collaborations. We bring on-board immense experience and expertise to deliver similar programs across various emerging markets.

The KPMG difference

  1. Our highly experienced team has a track record of successfully delivering multiple large transformational programs related to job creation and entrepreneurship
  2. Rich experience of working with federal and provincial governments across emerging markets 
  3. Rich body of knowledge in the form of process documents, toolkits, web-enabled tools, methodologies, modelling tools, etc.