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At KPMG in India, we aim to make a difference in the world through the work that we do and through our collaborative approach to delivery. Our IGH practice across the globe and within India has a deep alignment with holistic development and this is embedded across our sectors and through the transfer of expertise and learning. Post COVID-19 has set a new normal. We are investing in sustainability and delivering impact with country dedicated resources and appointing regional leads and through the alliances that we have made across government, business and NGOs. We can help our clients plan, finance and build sustainable infrastructure, whilst also improving decision making and performance through good governance and processes.

Our teams continue to learn and collaborate with IFIs in achieving their missions. We recognise that in times of global crisis IFIs have been instrumental in bringing in much needed economic stimulus to countries in areas of recovery, health and economic development. IFIs are extremely invested in developing an environmentally sustainable world through its focus on renewable energy, climate change, natural resource management, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). It is through these activities and focus that IFIs are expanding their efforts in reducing poverty, women and child development, social equity, economic development and project financing through private players.

KPMG in India works with leading multilateral and unilateral donor agencies such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Department for International Development (DFID) extensively, our work offers a connected approach across sectors and covers a range of services. These include largescale technical assistance, policy design and advocacy, baseline evaluation and scoping studies, impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation, capacity assessments, capacity building and training, procurement and financial management.

We bring with us strategic advisory capabilities and subject matter experts and work collaboratively across KPMG International’s global network of member firms. This helps us leverage expertise from our Global International Development Assistance (IDAS) center of excellence, which enables us to work more effectively on considered projects of IFIs in association with the central and state governments. This development focus is embedded across the sectors we operate within such as transport and urban mobility, energy and natural resources, cities, public health, nutrition, skilling and education, grass root level upliftment, economic development and livelihood promotion. We recognise that we can make a difference through the work that we do and the individuals we employ. Our approach is based on strong values and our understanding that we can have a big impact on the lives of individuals and on societies. However, despite our global reach and sector expertise we cannot deliver effectively alone. As such we need to seek opportunities where we can have the biggest impact through collective and meaningful action. This can only be achieved through working with other organisations and IFIs, which allows us to take on and deliver on the world’s challenges in enabling a better future for everyone, everywhere.