BFSI GCCs are playing a pivotal role in shaping the businesses of the future and will act as a guiding map for organisations to start redesigning their offerings and influencing customer experiences. BFSI GCCs in India have acted as a key lever to support the growing global needs and driving the transformation of the industry. 21 per cent of all GCC employees in India work in the BFSI sector, although BFSI GCCs only account for 12 per cent of the total number of GCCs. GCCs have served as engines for enterprise transformation and are gradually transitioning by reorienting their nature of work by moving from a volume to a value-based model by improving efficiency through AI/ML, automation and IoT, and establishing various niche global technology Centers of Excellence. This report provides an overview of the BFSI-GCC landscape in India, how it has evolved and provides a sneak peek into the road ahead for this sector. The report also has some interesting case studies of success stories / initiatives by BFSI GCCs around key transformation levers.