Technology – enabling and thriving in a VUCA world

By Satya Easwaran, Head – Business Consulting, and Telecom, Media and Technology Sector, KPMG in India and Chaitanya Gogineni, Partner – Technology Sector, KPMG in India

(4 min read)

The past two years have been a defining period where the best-laid business continuity plans have disintegrated in a spectacular fashion. However, the companies that paired emerging market opportunities with an ability to execute at scale have been rewarded with attractive valuations.

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What does it take to go public

By Karan Marwah, Partner and Head – Capital Markets and Finance Advisory, KPMG in India

(6 min read)

Going public is a once-in-a-lifetime event for a company, and it requires a lot of careful planning and effort. While this process is demanding, one needs to put in intensive efforts that touch upon all parts of the organisation. IPO readiness entails a transformation and planning ahead is important to ensure success.

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The ABCs of digitalising the logistics sector

By Sameer Bhatnagar, Partner – Mobility and Logistics Solutions, KPMG in India

(5 min read)

The logistics industry has traditionally faced challenges of multiplicity. But technology and digitalisation are expected to help circumvent some of these challenges. However, it would take a while before the entire sector leapfrogs to a strong digital backbone and protocol standard.

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Agri-food supply chain disruption leading to positive evolution of agriculture eco-system

By Srinivas Kuchibhotla, Partner – Advisory, Food and Agri, KPMG in India

(7 min read)

Agriculture production and food supply chains have witnessed a significant transformation with technology enablement. Multiple pilots of technology interventions in agri-food supply chains across states by various stakeholders have paved the way for technology-enabled, data- driven agriculture and food supply chains in India.

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Changing gears and shifting focus for consumer goods

By Nikhil Sethi, Partner – Business Consulting, KPMG in India

(9 min read)

Over the last 18 months, consumer behaviour has altered dramatically creating new winners, negatively impacting many businesses and forcing companies to re-think how to serve their consumers. Acknowledging these changes, along with meaningfully altering the operating models, has clearly differentiated some winners in today’s market.

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Indian healthcare sector on the cusp of technology-led revolution

By KPMG Mantra Editorial Team

(4 min read)

The digital healthcare market is on a high growth path, supported by digital transformation across the healthcare ecosystem that was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. This transformation would require building on key areas, including supportive infrastructure, upskilled talent and robust guidelines ensuring data security protocols.

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