Innovation and startups help drive a nation’s economy forward as a key engine of economic growth. With the rise in the number of startups in India, we at KPMG believe that it is an opportune time for us to release a guidance document or a guide that could help be the North Star for startups who do not have access to past experience and mentorship. The report aims to be a guiding document or a guide for new age startups to help them navigate the key aspects of setting up a successful business in India.

The report touches upon basic aspects of bringing up a startup from grounds up such as – your pitch, branding, tax structuring, risk, funding, building on your ecosystem and how to actually scale up in a planned manner. We are delighted to share highlights from our experience, in this guide including operational, financial, tax and, accounting matters, and other business considerations. We have also brought together certain key aspects from our global practices in US and UK to help provide a more balanced approach to the reader.