Neo-banks: disruption at play?

By Sanjay Doshi, Partner and Head – Financial Services Advisory, KPMG in India and Amit Wagh, Partner and Leader – Financial Services Business Consulting, KPMG in India

(3 min read)

In India, banks and Neo-banks have struck a collaborative partnership. While banks remain the money custodians, Neo-banks are emerging as the crucial data and technology via medium for empowering the customer. As the regulatory landscape evolves, Neo-banks can play an important role to address SME, MSE and retail individual customer requirements beyond traditional banking in a seamless and integrated environment.

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Changing face of lending business driven by digital and evolving customer behaviours

By Vinay Narkar, Partner – Digital Transformation, Financial Services Advisory, KPMG in India and Somdeb Sengupta, Partner – Financial Risk Management, KPMG in India

(6 min read)

The digital lending sector is forecasted to be the highest penetration sector by digital channels in India by 2023 with a growth rate of 48 per cent. Time for ‘lending as an end to end service’ has come. Increasingly vibrant and evolving digital ecosystem and infrastructure have enabled Financial Institutions to offer ‘digital lending’ as a service and create innovative use cases around this.

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Digital commerce - new fuel to drive growth

By Narendra Ganpule, Partner – Digital and Management Consulting, KPMG in India

(1 min read)

Businesses across the globe are expected to unlearn conventional thinking and reinterpret customer value proposition and product solutions to succeed in this new world. Given the changing face of the consumer, digital commerce is the new frontier.

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Corporate compliance programme: managing bribery and corruption risks

By Suveer Khanna, Partner – Forensic Services, KPMG in India and Abhishek Sinha, Technical Director – Forensic Services, KPMG in India

(5 min read)

Corruption is a global phenomenon and not restricted to any one country. The biggest challenge for international organisations is to meet the compliance requirements of applicable international and local Anti-Bribery legislations. It is critical that companies establish a compliance system that can identify and elevate potential red flags.

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Time to set up a Treasury Centre in IFSC?

By Sunil Badala, Partner and Head – BFSI Tax, KPMG in India and Rajosik Banerjee, Partner and Head – Financial Risk Management, KPMG in India 

(6 min read)

Indian MNCs traditionally set up their GTC functions outside India. Bringing back this business onshore will create opportunities for global and Indian corporates to develop international operations by centralising their treasury activities. This could be helpful for availing corporate financing, including intra-group financing, better liquidity management, and risk management practices among others.

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Process mining: the science to extract value hidden in transaction events

By Kunal Pande, Partner and Digital Lead – Financial Services, KPMG in India and Anuj Kumar, Director and Process Mining CoE Lead, KPMG in India

(4 min read)

Digital disruption is evident in the financial services industry witnessing an acceleration in the adoption of new business models that are driven by newer technologies, including fintech partnerships. While the incumbents are taking significant leaps in reimagining business models and customer experiences, the legacy businesses still face a challenge. The ability to identify the correct problem areas and associated opportunities is critical for financial services companies to drive meaningful change at a much faster pace

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