The report outlines India's intrinsic advantages as a mobile manufacturing hub and examines the landscape for investment in the sector

While the 'next normal' business paradigm precipitated by this crisis continues to evolve, global supply chains are undergoing an existential review. Their erstwhile structure had become concentrated and therefore inflexible, with COVID-19 exposing these inherent weaknesses. Firms were becoming wary even prior to the outbreak with many having begun reassessing their reliance on one geography for their manufacturing and sourcing needs.

In the case of telecom and handset manufacturing, India has already taken significant steps towards establishing itself as a credible partner for global brands. The country continues to enhance its presence and explore other areas of this value chain, while concertedly working towards building a more vibrant ecosystem around this sector. It would appear a natural progression for India to emerge as a global manufacturing hub and cement its place as an attractive and reliable partner for electronics companies looking to rebalance their supply chains.

Key contact

Purushothaman KG

Partner and Head, Digital Solutions & Telecommunications Industry Leader

KPMG in India


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