Of resilience and hope: business priorities in a post-crisis world

By Arun M. Kumar, Chairman and CEO, KPMG in India

(2 min read)

We have learnt a great deal about ourselves this year. Our experiences have not only revealed our global interdependence, but also exposed humanity’s collective vulnerabilities and strengths in this age of seamless interconnectivity.

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U.S. outlook: the road to recovery depends on the vaccine

By Constance L. Hunter, Principal and Chief Economist, KPMG in the U.S.

(4 min read)

In the United States, three juxtaposing factors will greatly influence the near-term trajectory.  The pandemic, its current path and its impact on the economy is the dominant factor. A related, but more medium-term factor is the prospect of multiple vaccines being distributed. And finally, President Elect Joe Biden’s economic agenda and the need to shore up the firewall built around the COVID-19 impacted parts of the economy.

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The turning point of 2020: the path to sustainability

By Richard Threlfall, Global Head of KPMG IMPACT, Global Head of Infrastructure, KPMG International and Partner KPMG in the UK

(2 min read)

What will the historians of the future say of this time? Was it a turning point, or just a blip in the flowing trends of civilisation? In the centreground is the awakening of the world’s response to climate change, and a more profound understanding of our impact generally, as humanity on our planet and our societies.

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Infrastructure developments in 2020: trends for Asia Pacific in 2021

By Sharad Somani, Partner and Asia Pacific Head of Infrastructure, KPMG Singapore

(5 min read)

Several factors have influenced the need for changes to infrastructure planning and delivery: sociopolitical developments, trade tensions, a global pandemic and fast-evolving tech innovations. These create both opportunity and risk while yielding new possibilities for innovation in capital flows and investment models.

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Reimagining India post-COVID-19: the intelligent infrastructure revolution

By Elias George, Partner and Head, Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare, KPMG in India 

(3 min read)

The traditional approaches to the creation of physical infrastructure, as well as the ways in which it is deployed, are being revisited. It has become clear that infrastructure assets will have to be sustainable: naturally and organically rooted in the local physical environment, and well aligned with the priorities and concerns of surrounding communities.

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