TMMi® consulting and advisory services

TMMi® consulting and advisory services

Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMi®) is an independent test maturity model developed by the TMMi® Foundation and is emerging as one of the de-facto standards for measuring testing process maturity, test improvement, and assessment across the globe. The model shares a complementary relationship with the CMMi® framework, and is similar in structure.


TMMi® consulting and advisory services

KPMG in India has exhaustive experience in TMMi® consulting, advisory, training, and implementing TMMi® requirements across geographies, domains, and organisations. 

Our TMMi® accredited consultants have extensive knowledge, skills, and TMMi® consulting expertise to assist clients in understanding the TMMi® model and to identify the process areas that could add value to their organisation. Our TMMi® assessment services helps to evaluate how the organisation is functioning against the model and analyse strengths, weakness, and areas of improvement. 

KPMG in India has TMMi® accredited assessors who can offer the following TMMi® based services to clients, both in domestic and international geographies: 


Potential benefits of TMMi®

  • Improved software quality
  • Enhanced performance 
  • Ability to detect errors in production phase 
  • Better understanding of overheads related to testing 
  • Ability to detect and prioritise cost effective improvements 
  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Flexible delivery model

Key differentiators

  • Provides combined advisory services on TMMi®, testing, and CMMi® and follows licensed
  • TMMi® foundation accredited TMMi® assessment methodology
  • Has access to TMMi® lead assessors and in-house assessors
  • Has very strong national and international presence national and international
  • Local re-appraisal support
  • Strategic focus towards TMMi® model and assessments
  • Exhaustive consulting experience
  • Extensive test advisory experience across geographies, domains, and organisations
  • Professional and partnering approach with transparent, structured methodology.


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