KPMG Deal Tracker - 3Q17

KPMG Deal Tracker - 3Q17

KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory (SSOA) practice publishes a quarterly analysis on Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) contracts signed across industries and geographies, with a Total Contract Value (TCV) of USD5 million and above per deal.


Key highlights of 3Q17 :

  • 3Q17 witnessed an increase in deal activity as compared to 2Q17. There was an increase of 37 percent in total contract value but a 7 percent decrease in total number of deals in 3Q17 as compared to 2Q17
  • Worldwide in 3Q17, 201 ITO contracts worth USD74.7 billion and 63 BPO contracts worth USD12.8 billion were signed
  • Globally 43 IT-BPO bundled contracts were signed in 3Q17 with contract value worth USD1.4 billion
  • In terms of value, approximately 90 percent of deals originated from the United States, followed by United Kingdom at 4 percent. France and India were two other key outsourcing markets
  • The average deal tenure increased to 4 years 10 months in 3Q17 from 4 years 1 month in 3Q16
  • Insurance and Defense sectors were the top consumers of IT-BPO services contributing to 59 percent and 24 percent in terms of value of outsourcing deals signed in 3Q17. Government sector was the next big contributor in terms of deal value
  • IT bundled and SCM contributed approximately USD61 billion and USD9.2 billion respectively and were the largest procured services globally within ITO and BPO services, respectively
  • Average annualized contract value in 3Q17 was USD34.24 million as compared to USD16.42 million in 3Q16 showing an increase of 109 percent

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