A student challenge like no other

The KPMG Ideation Challenge (KIC) is a unique experience of a lifetime, designed to stretch your limits and challenge what you think is possible.

You will get to generate a new idea that could change the world, create a prototype, and then pitch it to business leaders. Along the way you will work with KPMG member firms’ data scientists, coders, business specialists and tech gurus, who will help bring your idea to life.

Prizes worth INR8 lakh, guaranteed internship for top 2 teams in the National Finals, PPO/PPI opportunities for promising and eligible KIC participants, networking with KPMG in India professionals and much more. National Champions will also get an opportunity to attend a virtual celebratory and global networking event.

Participate now to learn from experts. Work with a dream team. Build a winning pitch. Meet amazing people from around the world. And the further you progress, the more real-world experience you could gain.

  • A platform to ideate around advanced technology solutions that use data, analytics, robotics, AI within a business context.

  • Chance to create solutions for real client problems just like KPMG member firms’ professionals across the world and take your successful idea/prototype to the market.

  • Opportunity to work in a diverse team and KPMG in India professionals from both technical and business backgrounds providing you critical business acumen and expertise. It is an opportunity built to position you for success!
  • Constant coaching and guidance from KPMG in India professionals throughout the course of the competition that would result in development of your solution, your consulting skills and experience of what life is like at KPMG in India

  • Learn about the type of work we do and an opportunity to explore a potential career with KPMG in India - a chance to see where your interest and skills may best be suited.

Prizes and opportunities-
  • Winning team to get INR5 lakh and the prestigious title of ‘Team India’.

  • Runner-Up team in the National Finale to get INR3 lakh.

  • Guaranteed internship with KPMG in India for the top two teams from the National Finale.
  • Opportunity to attend a networking event in Delhi/Gurugram with leaders from start-ups as well as the industry. Travel and stay sponsored by KPMG in India.

  • Continuous mentorship by KPMG in India professionals for teams with promising ideas discovered in 2022 KIC and access to platforms for pitching their ideas to venture capitalists.

Step 1. Take charge (Registration): Get started by understanding the eligibility criteria mentioned on the page below. Gather a team of four to six members comprising STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), business backgrounds pursuing a full-time undergraduate/bachelor’s degree/post-graduate programme with at least one year remaining of studies. (At least one male and female team member in a team is must).

Confirm participation by visiting the Registration link- click here and sharing required details of your team along with a 90 second video introducing each team member in a unique and creative way and clearly stating what makes the team stand out from other contenders, describe your idea as well as why the team stands a chance to win this competition.

Step 2. Best teams move ahead (in screening phase): The video submissions by various teams will be screened to identify teams which qualify to participate in the challenge.

Step 3. Let creativity take over and test your mettle (virtual prelims): In this round the qualifying teams will undergo an ‘Ideation Workshop’ and mentoring from KPMG in India’s professionals post which they will be required to ideate and conceptualise in detail their idea/solution for the problem statement and submit a presentation in the designated format. Submissions for this round will be screened by a panel from KPMG in India to identify teams which will proceed to the semi-finals.

Step 4. Enhance your learning curve (virtual semi-finals): Teams shortlisted for the semi-finals will be mentored by professionals from KPMG in India and will present their idea to a KPMG jury. Winners of semifinals will then proceed to the national finals.

Step 5. We are the best (Virtual national finals): In this round, eligible teams will work closely with KPMG in India professionals and further hone their idea. They will present the finished version of their solution/prototype to a jury of leading professionals and take a shot at winning the title of ‘National Champion’. The winning team will receive prize money of INR5 lakh and the runner up team will get INR3 lakh in addition to an internship with KPMG in India. These teams will also be provided an opportunity to attend a networking event in Delhi/Gurugram with leaders from start-ups and the industry for which travel and stay will be sponsored by KPMG in India.

Step 6 - Virtual celebratory and networking event: This will be an opportunity for the winning team from the India National Finale to celebrate their achievement with teams from different countries, share experiences and learn in an action-packed event.

I. Challenge statement
  1. a. Create an advanced and cost-effective solution that helps an economy, industry, community, or organisation to achieve carbon neutrality.

II. Guidance for your solution
  1. a. Imagine you are part of a group of innovators looking to make the world a better place. This is your chance to pitch your idea to an investor in the hope to be given funding to take your idea to market.

  2. b. Consider how your solution brings together a broad group of stakeholders. These could include government bodies, private companies, community stakeholders, NGOs and others to help reduce the potential barriers of raising the investment needed to fund, build and operate projects that are not only better for the environment, but also essential for economic growth.

  3. c. Think about Just Transition and how your solution could be universally implemented in countries far and wide, don’t just focus on one country or geography.

  4. d. Show that research has been conducted to consider different carbon neutrality timelines across different countries and industries today.

  5. e. Your solution should include the revolutionary power of machine learning, AI, data and analytics or other advanced technologies.

III. Additional details
  1. a. Global climate change is having catastrophic and observable effects on the environment. 11 per cent of the world’s population is currently vulnerable to climate change impacts and this is likely to increase in the decades to come.

  2. b. Your idea can focus on any organisation or industry: a for-profit company, a not-for-profit organisation, a government, an industry sector, etc.

  3. c. You can choose to either solve an existing pain point caused by climate change or create a new product, process or service that promotes a cleaner future.

  4. d. Be prepared to show the wider value that your solution could bring to the world. Specifically, the positive societal impact such as how the solution could drive economic prosperity and job creation in a sustainable and positive way.

  5. e. The key is that your idea innovates, disrupts and transforms the organisation’s/industry’s normal business or operating model.

Over the course of time, you will have access to some of the sharpest and brightest professionals within KPMG member firms. So, the further you get, the more experience you gain and all virtually.

Remember, your experience will be shaped by your idea, so expect it to be anything but ordinary.

Interested? Read on.

  • KIC will accept a team of four to six members with a mix of students currently enrolled in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and a business course. The team should comprise at least one male and one female member

  • All team members should be pursuing a full-time undergraduate/bachelor’s degree/post-graduate programme with at least one year remaining of their studies

  • To qualify, the idea/solution should incorporate usage of advanced technologies, data and analytics, cognitive methodologies and should be scalable into a prototype and a business model/case.

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Registration closes on 24 December 2021
Team video submission deadline is 26 December 2021

I have queries. Where can I have them addressed?

Hope all your queries are addressed on this webpage. Additionally, you can write to in-fmkpmgindiacampus@kpmg.com and we will address your query.

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