Sprint through every development process your way

Whether you are a software company or product department, having a centralized platform where you can simply manage your entire software development is a mandatory requirement.

While developers usually have dedicated platforms to track tasks such as Azure and Jira, all other departments usually rely on emails and spread sheets to manage processes, making the coordination effort extremely challenging. That is exactly where monday.com fits in- monday.com low code/ no code platform offers clients a centralized arena where teams can communicate and sync between the different processes, stimulating a seamless development process across all departments.

Thanks to monday.com out-of-the-box integrations for different software management solutions, you can effortlessly set monday.com as your single source of truth, giving all departments from product to UX-UI, marketing, delivery and PMO’s a single platform where they can align.

But that’s not all, leveraging high-level and in-depth views, with monday.com managers can instantly see progress and accurate projections so they can make quick, data-driven decisions and always stay up to date.

Learn more about our Azure DevOps (ADO) integration to monday.com