Accelerate your digital transformation

Automated repetitive transactional tasks hold huge potential for resource and time saving alongside reducing the chance for mistakes and fraud, which is why finance executives are looking for opportunities to automate core processes as part of their digital transformation.

One of the most transactional and repetitive process under finance ownership is processing invoices. Organizations across the spectrum invest major resources receiving, processing and approving invoices prior to releasing payments; understanding the huge potential of automation of those tasks, we developed the smart invoice solution.

With our Smart Reader App, invoice information, from any file type, can be extracted automatically into the board in using our unique IP and advanced algorithms.

Our solution allows you to manage financial processes like expense reporting and vendor invoices while:

·         Promoting cost and labor saving- so your teams will have more time to focus on what’s important

·         Reduce the chance for human error and fraud

·         Analyzing and assessing your process empowering process optimization and improving performance

But that’s not all, our experts can help you identify more opportunities for automating docs processing to boost your digital transformation - price offers, contracts and legal documents are only the tip of the iceberg, we can customize the solution to support any doc type you have.

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