Boost your Financial statement closing period

As the role of finance keeps evolving, finance executives are looking for new ways to improve and optimize core finance processes.

We know how challenging it can be to standardize and automate complex, cross-department processes, which is why we created the KPMG and solution for Financial statement closing period. Our flexible out-of-the-box solution allows you to easily design your own unique Financial statement closing period on the platform, while leveraging KPMG's best practice and experience.

  • Define tasks, SLA for completion and ownership
  • Set notifications and alerts to make sure everyone follows a timeline
  • Design high level view for real time progress tracking and insights gathering
  • Analyze efficiency, models and risks to identify bottle necks and support process improvements

With automation capabilities you can simply create templates and generate new boards automatically, so every team member will know exactly what to do and on what timeline.

Want to optimize your process, our experts will be happy to support you and leverage KPMG's vast experience in advising various organizations across the world.  Contact us for more details