structure and manage your HR processes in one place

As organizations face major challenges of supporting and providing HR services, having a centralized solution where you can manage your entire HR processes can be a game changer.

As most organizations rely on a variety of solutions to support their ongoing processes, it’s easy to lose track of task progress and status. With low code/ no code platform you can simply design and manage your entire HR processes so everyone will stay updated. offers clients an efficient way to manage employees throughout their entire lifecycle, from the recruitment pipeline, onboarding process and access and permissions up to performance reviews, leave requests, and wellbeing. You can also leverage its premade HR templates to improve your processes based on best practice while saving valuable time and resources.

Centralizing everything on one customizable platform, allows HR professionals to see the bigger picture with high-level dashboards, gain valuable insights about their workforce, and help businesses achieve their strategic objectives all while keeping sensitive data secure.

But that’s not all, as allows you to manage all sorts of processes, you can use it to support vast cross-department processes, from operation up to marketing and project management, providing the management with a holistic view on the entire organization.