Azure DevOps integration app

As product development processes require full coordination between multiple departments from developers up to product, UX-UI, marketing, POM’s and delivery, you need a single platform where all teams can seamlessly communicate and sync, which is why we at KPMG developed the Azure DevOps integration to

Our integration app offers a two-way connection between board module in Azure DevOps and, allowing development teams to easily update progress and statuses in one click while making sure all other departments are up to date.

Now you can easily gain full transparency and visibility across the entire product development process, while providing your teams with a single source of truth. Leveraging's high view capabilities allows you to always get clear visibility to status and progress with customized dashboards, making data-based decision making accessible at all time.    


Gain meaningful insights about your software development end to end process.

  • Stay aligned: with Azure DevOps as your single source of truth you can be sure all teams are always synced and up to date and still use for all the other teams
  • Gain real-time visibility: See where everything stands, track progress, and make real time data-based decisions across the entire development process
  • Save valuable time: By improving data visibility and empowering seamless communication across all departments

Learn how the Azure DevOps Integration app can accelerate and optimize your software development process