Your business doesn’t stand still – it evolves. All companies have a business cycle – from a startup to a mature company, and each stage presents its own set of opportunities and challenges. We understand what it takes for you to be successful at each stage of your business, from idea to exit.

We are committed to your business success. Our aim is to arm you with the latest developments and best practices you can apply to your private company.

We have created a number of events aimed at sharing the very best business insights on how to build, grow and transform a business.

Founders is a roundtable discussion event for private and ambitious business founders and CEOs to chat openly with entrepreneurial leaders in business. It is a fantastic and unique opportunity to talk with those who have travelled and are still travelling the entrepreneurial path to success. This peer group share stories, issues, successes, seek advice and make new connections with like minded people who understand the thrill and challenges of being a business founder.

SHAPERS is an open conversation discussion for an invite-only group of 25 high growth companies to speak with and listen to leaders and shapers in business. Our Shapers event is a great opportunity to speak with those who have travelled the path to success. The SHAPERS Series is designed to allow attendees to share experiences, problems and solutions whilst also receiving advice, asking questions and making new connections to help on the journey to delivering the ultimate vision for your business. 

Our Inspire series provides our private enterprise clients with the opportunity to hear from and engage with a business leader who has a truly inspirational business story to tell. These are recognised business leaders who have excelled in their respective industries, who will share the journey, challenges and lessons learned. We want attendees to not only benefit from the unique insights but also to be inspired as they return to their respective businesses.

We understand that the nature of a family business is inherently different from a non-family business and requires an approach that considers the family component. Our family business events place family businesses at the heart of each family business event, sharing the unique challenges and solutions that have helped the business thrive from generation to generation.

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