In today’s world, companies need to go beyond their regulatory requirements and ensure that they do the right thing to maintain public trust. Bribery, corruption, financial crime and ethical conduct risks are ever present and in an even more accessible and transparent world, committing to compliance can set your business apart.

Regulators expect businesses to proactively update their compliance framework, even if no issues arise. Businesses must demonstrate that they have processes in place to identify and prevent emerging risks. Along with helping you comply with mandatory regulations, our experts can ensure that your compliance framework is effective, robust and fit-for-purpose before any issues arise. KPMG Forensic can help with:

  • Fraud risk;
  • Bribery and corruption risk;
  • Modern slavery risk;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness compliance controls; and
  • Contract compliance.

Our services

Our experts can help you understand and reduce risk based on your overall profile. We can assist you with:

Risk assessments

There are inherent risks for your business in operating globally. It is incumbent on a business to identify those risks and assess the threat they pose. We can help companies undertake risk assessments, review existing assessments, and recommend mitigating controls.

Evaluating the effectiveness of compliance controls

If compliance issues arise, particularly in relation to corruption, it is important for an organisation to demonstrate that it took all reasonable steps and exercised all due diligence to prevent the issue occurring. Policies and procedures help, but it is becoming increasingly important that clients test that compliance related policies and controls are working in practice and achieving desired aims. KMPG undertake compliance reviews to test how your policies and procedures are working in practice and to recommend improvements. 

Third-party forensic audits

As the global marketplace grows more complex and competitive, third-party relationships become increasingly crucial to improving value and profitability. However, by inviting these entities into an organisation’s network, they may also be opening the door to unwelcome risks. Exercising the right to audit and to access a third party’s records can be invaluable in detecting fraud, corruption and other financial risks. These reviews can also improve the value you obtain from your existing contracts.

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