Planning and development

Planning applications

Our planning team has considerable knowledge and experience of the planning application process, leading design teams through the application process to local authorities or directly to An Bord Pleanála.

Our current project portfolio includes Strategic Housing Development (SHD) applications, Strategic Infrastructure Development (SID) applications, as well as a wide range of incremental commercial and residential schemes.

Good advice saves time and money. Our approach is to function as a key planning resource for clients, providing informed advice for key milestone decisions in the design development process.  We ensure that the quality of the evidence presented to the consenting authority is clear, concise and bespoke to that project supported by Planning statements and evidence-based documentation (i.e. socio-economics, tourism, demographics).

From student housing and PRSA to hotels and infrastructure, our work brings complex schemes and challenging propositions to successful results.

Our experienced planning team are Chartered Town Planners with full RTPI and IPI accreditation, providing services across the full spectrum of planning consultancy services, from planning feasibility analysis through to the management of complex applications and multi-disciplinary development teams. From high-level strategy to detailed questions of planning law and procedure, we provide a responsive and proactive service.

Planning appeals

We have considerable experience engaging with An Bord Pleanála in written submissions and expert witness representation at Oral Hearings. We prepare First Party Appeals, Third Party Appeals, observations and comprehensive appeal submission packages and statements.

We help clients understand the opportunities and risks associated with the appeal route and seeks to ensure their cases are clearly articulated and comprehensively conveyed to the Board.

Our planning experts ensure our clients have the greatest chance of success possible.

Development feasibility and planning due diligence

Planning viability fundamentally affects the development potential and value of sites impacting on crucial decisions regarding development strategy from environmental constraints through to end-user profiles.

We provide clients with evidence-based analysis of a range of parameters from planning history and precedent, policy objectives and controls through to site context socio-economic and market profiles. Our advice provides critical information on:

Our team will provide:

  • Site constraints, planning risk & liabilities;
  • Design Options analysis & consenting strategy;
  • Planning & Development Feasibility Studies;
  • Independent assessment of development proposals.

Our guidance notes provide clarity to clients on the key issues concerning development consents and compliance requirements including conditions, potential use restrictions, and financial liabilities.

Tourism & leisure

We offer a distinctive and client-focussed service, based on our extensive industry experience and our team’s exceptional knowledge of the tourism and leisure sectors.

With a strong focus on research, innovation and creativity, we also pride ourselves on a deep awareness of emerging best practice and trends in tourism and leisure development. Our unique combination of a thorough understanding of tourism and leisure planning, underpinned by our data and market research teams, mean we have the skills and experience to deliver tourism solutions that drive positive change.

Our services encompass the full range of tourism and leisure planning from initial situation and market analysis to strategic option development and action planning. Our focus on data analysis, as well as development planning, means that we can offer our clients a service that ranges from research through to obtaining final planning consent if this is required.

We have extensive experience of destination strategy development, working in partnership with tourism stakeholders to devise and implement pragmatic strategies and plans that maximise the tourism development potential of destinations, helping to create better places to live in and to visit.

We provide pragmatic advice for a wide range of clients including government agencies, local authorities, community development organisations and businesses in the tourism and leisure sector. Our well-respected reputation for rigorous, evidence-based solutions gives confidence to our clients in the robust solutions delivered.

Our service areas:

  • Tourism destination planning;
  • Policy advice and guidance;
  • Demand analysis and market research;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Data analysis and dashboards;
  • Project identification and feasibility analysis;
  • Development planning;
  • Socio-economic analysis and planning;
  • Funding applications;
  • Place-making.

Environmental impact assessment

The Environmental Assessment process is integral to the planning system in Ireland. The European Commission’s Directive 2014/52/EU was incorporated into Irish law by The European Union (Planning and Development) (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations (2018), which brought a new emphasis on the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and EIAR Screening.

We have a thorough understanding of EIAR Regulations, documentation requirements and extensive experience of EIS/EIAR management.

We will build-in a gateway assessment of environmental issues, ranging from a ‘tick-box’ no-risk assessment to detailed Screening reports for marginal or significant development proposals that may have environmental implications in terms of EIAR.

Our team has significant experience in EIAR/EIS including strategic infrastructure development and private sector development projects. Our key services include:

  • Screening;
  • Scoping;
  • Project management;
  • Alternatives;
  • Population and human health;
  • Material assets;
  • Consultation;
  • Non-technical summary;
  • Socioeconomic reporting;
  • GIS analysis and mapping.

We have prepared EIAR Screening for public and private sector clients including road schemes, greenways and mixed-used developments.  

We have experience in preparing Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of local area plans (LAPs) and masterplans.

Development plan, regional plan & LAP submissions

Changes to policy or zoning objectives in statutory planning documents such as Local Area Plans, Development Plans and Regional Strategic and Economic Strategies are important high-level decisions for policymakers.  Our comprehensive understanding of policy and evidence-based analysis entails that governance bodies have robust information which provides confidence in changes. We have considerable experience in influencing policy and a reputation for being market leaders in our understanding of planning and socio-economic issues affecting plan making.

We provide considerable value to organisations and private clients seeking to influence strategic planning policy at all levels.

Enforcement & compliance

We advise clients on practical implications of compliance with planning permissions and associated conditions, represents clients in respect of Planning Enforcement and Warning Letters. We adopt a two-strand approach to Warning and Enforcement issues:

  • Open and clear engagement with planning authority;
  • Strong and clear representation of client having regard to clear and detailed knowledge of relevant permissions, and exempt development provisions of the planning regulations.

We  also prepare submissions to Planning Authorities, An Bord Pleanála and the courts where questions of procedure or planning law arise, particularly in the case of Section 5 Referrals and Declarations.

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Strategy & research

Urban & regional economics

Our in-house analytics team comprising demographic, economic and retail experts, delivers research and evidence services fully tailored to individual client needs.

We provide analytical research for public and private sector bodies in the areas of urban and rural development and spatial planning at a variety of scales from site level to regional studies. We undertake this through socio-economic, environmental and policy analysis, and strategic site planning. Through this research, and our long standing connections to local, regional and national policy making and professional planning communities, we seek to critique current planning practice and provide a set of analytical tools that will which present issues and options for decision making.

Applied research

Our applied research projects are targeted at improving the quality of people’s lives, in areas such as resilience, urban security, sustainable planning and development, energy efficiency, and citizen engagement at national and European level.

We leverage our diverse skill set including proposal and report writing, data monitoring and evaluation, qualitative and quantitative analysis, website and dashboard development, dissemination, communication, and commercial exploitation of key research projects. As a result, our work has produced research that contributes to understanding our changing world and the economic, social and technological context that is leading that change.

Population & predictive analytics

We offer a full suite of economic forecasting, scenario planning and modelling experience. Our in-house team operates a macro and sectoral model of the all-island economy using established macro-economic models, which gives us the framework for incorporating forecasting and scenario modelling into client assignments. We collate and interrogate diverse data sources to analyse, model and visualise data in a clear and comprehensible way.

Analytical platforms

We build custom analytics and reporting solutions using industry leading technologies. Our goal is to help our customers maximise the value of their data with custom dashboards and reports. We work closely with our customers to identify and leverage meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and find solutions to their business problems. Whether it is upgrading your excel reports or an established analytics environment, we can help support you on any step in your data visualisation journey. 

Data visualisation

The visualisation of data and mapped information in digital or print formats help to communicate proposal to technical information to non-technical audiences. Our visualisation services can help you identify trends, comparison and performance towards goals and objectives, and spot any outliers. Visuals alone can create conversations. Powerful, interactive, and collaborative visuals can drive organisational focus and direction.

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Future Analytics is led by William Hynes and Stephen Purcell who both have an extensive background in urban planning, demographic economics, town planning and strategy development.

Their focus is on analysing key data to provide support in decision making by senior decision makers and management teams, investors and Boards of Directors.

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