Pictured (l-r) Russell Smyth, Head of Sustainable Futures, KPMG in Ireland; Ben Churchill, Chief Strategy Officer, CoolPlanet and Mike Hayes, Climate Change and Decarbonisation Leader, Global Head of Renewable Energy, KPMG International.

KPMG in Ireland and CoolPlanet have joined forces to help deliver end-to-end decarbonisation solutions to businesses as part of wide-ranging decarbonisation offerings. 

This alliance brings together a broad set of experienced professionals in carbon, energy, and consulting, as well as leading software tools to help organisations with end-to-end decarbonisation solutions as part of a wider decarbonisation strategy.

CoolPlanet is a multi-purpose decarbonisation software company founded and headquartered in Ireland since 2008, working across 6 continents with organisations across the public and private sectors. The company has a comprehensive decarbonisation platform offering, including applications to support customers on decarbonisation pathways and carbon inventorisation, as well as subject-matter experts and engineers specialising in energy efficiency, electrification of heat, refrigeration and EV fleet transition, amongst other specialities. 

KPMG in Ireland and CoolPlanet’s joint efforts aim to enhance KPMG professionals’ advisory offerings across broad decarbonisation services to include data analytics to examine, model and predict carbon performance across portfolios of assets with precision, bringing a much clearer picture to clients on the necessary action levers to support clients in reaching their decarbonisation goals. 

Practical decarbonisation

Mike Hayes, Climate Change and Decarbonisation Leader, Global Head of Renewable Energy, KPMG International, highlights, “I am delighted that KPMG in Ireland is working with CoolPlanet to help equip clients with leading tools and step-by-step advisory to decarbonise. This is only the beginning of the journey between the two organisations. KPMG professionals are already exploring other ways to work together, especially in the area of energy efficiency tools for clients”.

CoolPlanet Chief Strategy Officer Ben Churchill adds, “Success is about operationalising sustainability and decarbonisation, not just reporting, and this is precisely why the combination of CoolPlanet and KPMG’s skills can support companies on different aspects of their decarbonisation journey.” 

Decarbonising the global economy is one of the greatest economic transitions in human history. Achieving net zero by 2050 will likely require $5 trillion of investment each year ($700bn in energy efficiency), and the goal for KPMG professionals is to help organisations in this challenging yet rewarding process of decarbonising efficiently. From emissions measurement to implementation, monitoring, and reporting, together, KPMG professionals can assist clients with gaining strategic foresight and operational value during their decarbonisation journey. 

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