We’ve launched PAYE Week – an initiative designed to help Irish workers take control of their taxes and claim their full entitlements.

PAYE Week also alerts employers to employment tax obligations such as the new Enhanced Reporting Requirement (ERR) and new PAYE obligations on stock options along with the key reporting deadlines outside of the Real-Time PAYE.  

For employees

Each year, thousands of PAYE taxpayers miss out on their full entitlement to tax credits and reliefs, leaving millions behind in unclaimed refunds.

Revenue’s MyAccount portal is user-friendly and allows workers to see their tax position on employment income on a real-time basis and claim their entitlements.

Our short videos will help you understand how to use MyAccount and how to claim tax credits and reliefs such as medical expenses, rental credit, remote working relief, and flat-rate expenses.

Watch & learn:

Key tax credits & reliefs

Workers - Are you claiming all your tax credits and reliefs? Don’t miss out! KPMG’s Rory Morgan explains what to do.

MyAccount & filing PAYE tax returns

Workers - Get to grips with MyAccount and take control of your taxes! KPMG’s John Galligan shows how to use MyAccount and file a PAYE return.

For employers

Following the implementation of the new Enhanced Reporting Requirement (ERR) from 1 January 2024, employers need to report three categories of non-taxable payments on a real-time basis.

They include the remote working daily allowance, travel and subsistence payments, and benefits such as gift vouchers covered by the small benefits exemption.

Our short videos highlight practical considerations for employers to comply with ERR, along with key reporting obligations facing employers in the year ahead.

Watch & learn:

Key employer return deadlines for 2024

Employers - Are you ready for upcoming employer return deadlines? KPMG’s Darragh Duffy on what you need to do to file on time.

Enhanced Employer Reporting & PAYE on stock options

Employers - are your expense processes re-aligned for Enhanced Employer Reporting? KPMG’s Olive O’ Donoghue explains how to manage EER.

Queries? Get in touch

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