To date, most of the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) activity has taken place in Europe and the United States, but there are a few new kids on the SAF block. Since the beginning of 2023, as local flight traffic has started to rebound after COVID-19 restrictions, Asia Pacific has seen a surge in SAF announcements. 

Chris Brown, head of our Strategy team, explores Asia Pacific's potential impact on the global SAF industry.

Emerging opportunities and challenges in Asia Pacific's SAF

The increasingly favourable local policy environment in Asia Pacific is prompting a number of players to consider opportunities for SAF development in the region. As a result, airlines, airports, investors and fuel producers are increasingly making public commitments promoting the growth of local SAF supply and demand. However, with inherent feedstock limitations and challenges in scaling up more advanced SAF production pathways, the development of a SAF industry in Asia Pacific has the potential to both accelerate and hinder SAF progress in the West.

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