The Energy Exchange podcast explores the path to Ireland’s exciting energy future. Hosted by Colm O’Neill, Head of Energy, Utilities & Telcos at KPMG Ireland and featuring some of Ireland’s leading energy experts, we discuss the practical steps we can take for Ireland to reach its full potential as a major energy producer.

In a world driven by constant innovation and growing demand, understanding the intricacies of energy is more crucial than ever. Whether you're an industry expert, an aspiring engineer, an environmental enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of energy, this podcast is your go-to resource for insightful discussions, expert interviews and cutting-edge insights into the dynamic world of energy. We discuss what our future will look like, the opportunity of these changes, the impact to the economy and what stands in our way.

So, get ready to recharge your knowledge, plug into the latest energy trends, and ignite your passion for all things energy related. 

Episode 1: Ian O’Hora, IDA

Ian O’Hora, Head of Engineering & Green Economy joins KPMG’s Colm O’Neill in our first edition of Energy Exchange. They discuss the rich ecosystem in Ireland enhancing the attractiveness for FDI, the challenge of Data Centres and what the IDA are doing to enable Ireland’s energy future.

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Episode 2: David Kelly, Gas Networks Ireland

Colm is joined by David Kelly to discuss the role of Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) play in the overall Energy system, the infrastructure to support it and how GNI will transform their business to fall in line with Government policy and how this will support Ireland. 

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Episode 3: Paul Deane, UCC

Colm O’Neill and Paul Deane, Senior Lecturer at University College Cork (UCC), team up on this Podcast to discuss what our future will look like being run by renewable energy and what changes we need to make to get there. They will also look at the blockage to the changes we need to make. 

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Episode 4: Muireann Lynch, ESRI

Muireann Lynch, Senior Research Officer in the Economic Analysis division of the Economic and Social Research Institute speaks to KPMG's Colm O'Neill about the complexity of Ireland's energy transition, her reaction to Ireland's first ever offshore wind auction and what the industry can do to attract more women.

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Episode 5: The KPMG view

KPMG's Head of Corporate Finance and EMA Head of Infrastructure Michele Connolly and Head of Sustainable Futures Russell Smyth speak to Colm about Ireland's renewables success to date and the infrastructure challenges and investment required for the transition, from housing retrofits to grid upgrades and renewable energy projects.

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