We are pleased to announce the twelfth edition of the annual flagship report on regulation of the global asset management industry - Evolving Asset Management Regulation 2022: Navigating uncertainty.

The geopolitical and economic landscape is again undergoing major change and giving rise to significant challenges. Policymakers are responding to developments and reviewing regulatory approaches and priorities. All stakeholders need to navigate widespread uncertainty.

The focus on sustainable finance has further widened and deepened, with an increasing number of jurisdictions introducing rules for asset managers and funds. Reviews of the market events of March 2020 are approaching their conclusion, but recent events have raised new concerns about liquidity management within funds. Meanwhile, regulators continue to emphasize the need for robust governance and operational resilience.

Policymakers are walking a tightrope between expanding the available range of products to retail investors (allowing for alternative assets and strategies to assist economic recovery), while recalibrating their approaches to investor protection in an increasingly digital world.

Key questions for CEOs

  • Do we have sufficient technology and data capabilities to keep pace with regulatory reporting expectations?
  • Are we prepared to implement the full range of new sustainable finance regulations that will impact us, directly or indirectly? Do we have access to the datasets and tools we need?
  • Have we critically analyzed our experience during the 2020 and 2022 market stress, and re-assessed liquidity risk management for our funds?
  • Have we considered how our clients and our systems might be impacted by changes to capital markets regulation?
  • Are we tracking new investor protection regulations and putting in place robust processes, systems and controls to meet the new requirements and evidence good outcomes for investors?
  • Do we have effective board engagement and supporting governance arrangements in place?
  • Do we actively and effectively oversee functions and tasks that we delegate or outsource to other parties?
  • Are we utilizing the full range of emerging products and fund structures to deliver sound investment strategies to investors? Are we taking advantage of opportunities to invest in new markets and are we navigating new restrictions?

Key topics captured within the report