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How will we manage to crack the whole cybersecurity problem which we faced in the early 2020s by 2040? In this episode, Alexander Klimburg, Head of the Centre for Cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum, travels to 2040 and explores how a political solution helped to resolve some of the biggest cybersecurity problems, and how security issues were balanced out by regions coming together and aligning law enforcement. 

The guest recently back from 2040 is:

Alexander Klimburg, Head of the Centre for Cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum

About this podcast series

The guests have just been to 2040. What have they seen?

Many of us dream of traveling to the future, but what if you could talk to someone who’s already been there and back?

In this podcast series, Roni Michael, Global Head of Innovation at KPMG International, asks leaders from across industries and areas of society – technology, academia, financial services, manufacturing, energy and many more – to put themselves in the reality of 2040 as they envision what’s possible, and explain what they have seen.  What has radically changed and, more importantly what was the journey to arrive there and what enabled this very specific reality?

The podcast explores a broad range of topics, from what our cities may look like and where we will work, to how will we consume information and what we will consider as sustainable in 2040.

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