Executive summary

Welcome to the second edition of our new Data Privacy Quarterly update, which outlines the most relevant developments and regulatory updates within the Privacy World.

2022 has brought many new developments all over the world which have created new compliance, privacy, and information security risks for organisations. Data Supervisory Authorities in the EU have been actively enforcing Data Protection Laws and Regulations.

The following are some recent developments:

  • The Data Protection Commission (“DPC”) in Ireland released its 2021 Annual Report. The report highlights the key topics of focus throughout 2021, some of the statutory inquiries undertaken by the regulator, and sets the DPC’s aims for the future;
  • The Protection of Children’s Data remains a key area of focus for the DPC following the release of the ‘Fundamentals for a Child-Orientated Approach to Data Processing’ in December 2021;
  • The DPC published a statistical report on its handling of cross-border complaints under the GDPR’s One-Stop-Shop mechanism;
  • The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform published a reformed whistleblowing bill which provides protections for volunteers, shareholders, board members and job applicants for the first time;
  • The EU Commission published a Proposal for a Data Act which aims to ensure fairness in the digital environments, stimulate a competitive data market, open opportunities for data-driven innovation and make data more accessible;
  • Cookie compliance remains a hot topic with further complaints made by privacy advocacy groups;
  • Guidance on data transfer tools has been published by the EDPB;
  • EU institutions announced a political agreement on the final text for the Digital Services Act;
  • The Spanish Data Supervisory Authority, AEPD, has approved a code on the processing of data in relation to clinical trials and clinical research;
  • The USA, with the announcement of the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, which sets out key principles for transferring data from the EU to the USA, a new omnibus cyber security bill passed by the US Senate, and a design code relating to children’s data from California;
  • Other global updates from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

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Regulatory changes across the globe

Keeping up to date with the privacy world

The diagram below is a snapshot of some of the recent key privacy developments across the world.

Data privacy map

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