Since its popular breakout in recent years through cryptocurrencies, blockchain has occasioned breathless hype. Articles and books abound heralding its capacity to revolutionise nothing less than the entire digital infrastructure of modern life.  Chris Brown and William Taylor from our Strategy team take a look at the opportunities and risks arising from this new technology.

We have seen increasing numbers of CEOs expressing a commitment to invest in blockchain technologies, as well as skyrocketing interest in cryptocurrencies, from prominent figures in government and central banking as well as casual investors and hobbyists.

We cautiously acknowledge the substance behind this hype: blockchain could indeed be a game-changing technology for some sectors. Yet we urge caution to executives considering taking the blockchain plunge in the near future. There are still many barriers to widespread adoption, and many use cases that are at best unproven and at worst spurious. Decision makers need to be clear about the individual use case for their sector and business, and assure themselves that blockchain is the right answer to a real problem.

How we can help

KPMG in Ireland provides end-to-end enterprise blockchain services from strategy to implementation. Combining our deep industry insights and cross functional experience, our team of IT, supply chain and operations, risk compliance, tax, audit, and emerging technology professionals are ready to help you achieve your vision, including:

  1. Strategic Options Evaluation: Defining and prioritising the most impactful use cases for your organisation to pursue
  2. Vendor Assessment: Analysing service providers to ensure they meet operational and regulatory requirements
  3. Proof of Concept Design: Implementing initial solutions to support achieving production-grade offerings


KPMG Global Strategy professionals develop insights and ideas to address organisational challenges such as growth, operating strategy, cost, deals, digital strategy, and independent economic assessments. In Ireland, we are the largest deal and corporate strategy house, working across sectors including financial services, aviation, life sciences, manufacturing, agri-food and technology.

KPMG’s global network brings a depth of strategic services and our fast growing cryptoasset and blockchain teams are charting the path forward in the space, building metaverse experiences and piloting NFTs as an emerging customer engagement tool.

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