Our Tax Technology Bites e-Audit Series is a short video series providing a high-level overview of Revenue e-Audits in Employment Taxes, VAT, Customs and Corporation Tax.

For more related content, click here to watch our 10 Minutes on Tax video discussing Revenue audits & other interventions, and click here to learn more about our Tax Transformation & Technology team.

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e-Audit: Employment Taxes

In our 10 Minutes on Tax series, Andrew Egan of our Tax Transformation & Technology team discussed revenue audits and other interventions.  Here, Andrew takes 2 minutes to focus on employment tax e-audits.  
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e-Audit: VAT

In the second episode of our e-Audit series, Katie Aragane of our Tax Transformation & Technology team provides a high-level overview of VAT e-audits.  

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e-Audit: Customs

This short video sees Andrew Egan outlining Revenue’s requirements in the context of Customs e-audits. 

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e-Audit: Corporation Tax & Transfer Pricing

In the final instalment of our e-audit series, Katie Aragane focuses on corporation tax and transfer pricing e-audits.

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