Welcome to our second report on strategic priorities in Ireland. It follows our Q3-4 2021 survey across the island of Ireland, covering enterprises large and small, private and public sector.

We find that:

  • For the second year running, revenue growth is the immediate priority – with around half of that to be driven by a new product or service launch
  • Decarbonisation has shot up the executive priority lists, with now more leaders expecting it to dominate strategic decision making throughout the 2020s than any other issue
  • The existential threat posed by the response to the pandemic eased for many, with the percentage of businesses in ‘survival’ mode falling significantly
  • The pandemic hiatus in the war for talent is well and truly over as businesses expect to battle for the skills required to realise their strategic goals
  • In 2021-22 as in 2020, companies are much more confident about the quality of their business model (think propositions, brands, channels) than about the operating models (think core processes, technology, culture, KPIs) they depend upon

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